We Are Metro DC PFLAG

PFLAG Metro DC is a diverse community of family and LGBT support. We are currently collecting stories and hope to have more available in the near future.

Pam’s Story

In 2012, I walked in my first Gay Pride Parade in Washington, DC with PFLAG.  I was delighted to do this in support of my daughter who came out in 2002.  I am writing to explain that if you think that the LGBT community makes their lifestyle by... READ MORE


Lynn’s Story

I started with PFLAG about a year ago. It was an organization that I had heard of and had respected for a while, but the meetings were just once a month and they were in Manassas, so it was a little difficult to get there. I finally did it… READ MORE


Anne’s Story

In 2002, when my daughter was 14, she came out. We lived in Charlottesville, VA.  I was surprised and wanted to deal with it as well as I could and get support on my own journey. So I looked for support groups for me.  That is when I found PFLAG…READ MORE


Carol’s Story

Carol is a PFLAG mom, and the facilitator for our Fairfax Adult and Youth community groups. Her son came out when he was just 10 years old, and although it took Carol a while to accept and come to terms with that... READ MORE


David’s Story

At my high school, I started a Gay-Straight Alliance. In one of the meetings near the last day of school, the sponsor for my GSA then suggested that I should go to the Prince William PFLAG chapter meetings as something to get involved with the… READ MORE